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About Spyglass Designs

Spyglass Designs was formed because of a passion to create authentic gemstone jewelry that is elegant but still simple and affordable. The challenge was to make pieces that would look as good with jeans and a tee as they do with evening dress or in the office.

The key to the formula, as it turns out, is that the pieces should never seem to be “trying” to look beautiful. They should simply look great in an uncomplicated, natural way.

One important element in the designs is that they are not busy or overdone. The quality of the stones themselves and the careful workmanship follow this design principle. Understated rather than overstated is the look most of our customers want.

The highest quality gemstones are chosen by our staff to personally create the fine balance of affordability and beauty. If gemstones are lower on the quality spectrum they can cost little but the lower quality is easy to see when compared to the better stones. It takes experience, a good eye, and careful selection in the original wholesale markets to get the best stones at the correct price. We don’t settle. We keep looking until we get the right ones.

The designs are minimalistic, giving them a timelessness that will not go out of style. Many of the designs have become wardrobe staples for our customers and their top “go to” earrings and necklaces for daily wear. You can also find our creations on most major internet sites.